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On September 15th internationally, GOATHORNED PRODUCTIONS is proud to present NOVAE MILITIAE’s highly anticipated second album, Topheth.

NOVAE MILITIAE was founded in 2009. In a wish to remain anonymous and develop a mysterious aura in line with its vision of black metal, the band has never revealed who the members involved in this project were.

The first demo EP, Affliction of the Divine, was released on the label Nihilward at the end of 2011. This one, limited to 500 copies, is now sold-out. A tape reissue was published in 2015 by the label From the Dark Past, limited to 99 copies. This first recording aroused a certain interest in the orthodox black metal scene despite low promotion.

The first NOVAE MILITIAE album, Gash’khalah – the destroyer in the Tree of Death – was released in 2017 by GOATHORNED PRODUCTIONS and consisted of eight tracks across a total duration of 55 minutes. It was published as a digipack CD limited to 300 copies. More accomplished than the previous EP, Gash’khalah established NOVAE MILITIAE as an essential band to the initiated. Here, the band took on a more brutal orientation, while atmospheres became more developed and transcendental. In 2018, the labels Sentient Ruin Laboratories and Argento Records joined forces to release the vinyl version of Gash’khalah in a double-LP version limited to 300 copies that came in a heavy gatefold jacket and an etched side D.

Now, at long last, NOVAE MILITIAE revealed their second full-length work, Topheth, once again through the auspices of GOATHORNED PRODUCTIONS. Suitably titled, Topheth means “the place to burn” in Hebrew, but is also the place of human sacrifice to the god Moloch in the Bible. Indeed burning, both physically and especially spiritually, this second NOVAE MILITIAE album consists of six stout tracks: four of black metal – orthodox in composition, religious in their fervor, blindingly brilliant each one – and two of ritual/dark ambient, altogether making for an immersive 54-minute experience. On this occasion, two tracks from the early Affliction of the Divine EP were re-recorded, as the production was not completely satisfactory at that time, but they duly contribute to a unified whole, which underlines how powerful NOVAE MILITIAE’s vision was from the very beginning. For the rest of Topheth, the band studiously worked on darker and  more complex atmospheres in connection with their investment in the Left Hand Path. The result? Arguably, the strongest statement made in orthodox/religious black metal in over a decade, both revitalizing the form and reshaping it to NOVAE MILITAE’s design.

The release of Topheth is planned for September  15th, 2020 on GOATHORNED PRODUCTIONS in a digipack CD version limited to 300 copies.

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On September 15th internationally, GOATHORNED PRODUCTIONS is proud to present ILLKYNJA’s striking debut album, Sæti Sálarinnar.

A mysterious one-man entity hailing from the ever-vital Icelandic black metal scene, ILLKYNJA burst forth from the void fully formed, with a full-length recording evincing a maturity far beyond the band’s young years. Titled Sæti Sálarinnar, this debut LP was first released digitally, but so brilliant was its muse that GOATHORNED simply had to release it in physical CD format.

Infinitely grimy and utterly gutted, to experience ILLKYNJA’s Sæti Sálarinnar is like entering a smokestack – in outer space. Fathomlessly dense ‘n’ dark riffs constantly collide against the listener, crushing and crumbling any last semblance of sanity, while a dizzying, delirium-inducing sort of melodicism skews that “sanity” yet further. Meanwhile, a commanding throat from the bottommost depths harangues that listener, howling forth horrors of an otherworldly nature…and the attack keeps pounding, pounding, POUNDING. And yet, within that seemingly savage expanse exists an alternately alien/alluring amount of nuance, which reveals itself the further one plunges into Sæti Sálarinnar. The traces of melody become more distinct (however unsettling), the songwriting righting into more linear shapes (implosion imminent), the surge palpable but able to be grasped, only for the slipstreaming to begin in earnest: ILLKYNJA delight in jettisoning you into the void from which they came. Resistance is futile, indeed.

No one can hear you scream in space. The same can be said for ILLKYNJA’s Sæti Sálarinnar, a hundredfold.

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On September 15th internationally, GOATHORNED PRODUCTIONS is proud to present HRÆ’s striking debut album, Þar sem skepnur reika.

HRÆ hail from the ever-vital Icelandic black metal scene, the work of one I. And although HRÆ as an entity is otherwise new, mainman I. has been prolific with other Icelandic bands like Endalok, Naught, and the pan-international Guðveiki. Thus, one could assume that HRÆ is I.’s most personal work to date, and indeed that is what you find with the band’s debut album, Þar sem skepnur reika. Initially only released digitally, so brilliant was its muse that GOATHORNED simply had to release it in physical CD format.

Comprising seven songs in 40 minutes, Þar sem skepnur reika feels far vaster than that humble runtime suggests. HRÆ’s ever-circular but equally askew songwriting bends, breaks, and rebuilds again, ad infinitum, while a strange sort of violence – brazen yet noble, almost barbaric if it wasn’t so nuanced – creates doom and dread with utmost ease. For a sound that’s so isolationist and yet surprisingly physical, Þar sem skepnur reika creates an always-hovering sensation that’s ghostly and paradoxically smothering, such is HRÆ’s astute use of space. Indeed, space exists between the notes, and a whole new, gnarly world exists there across Þar sem skepnur reika.

Alluringly unsettlingly, melodically atonal, Þar sem skepnur reika is a staggeringly sublime first entry from HRÆ.

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Serpens Luminis

November 15th as the international release date for Serpens Luminis‘ striking debut album, Bright Euphoria.

True to their roots plunged into occultism and mysticism, faithful to their need to explore the profound depths of the human inner-self, the entity called Serpens Luminis appears at dawn of the year 2015. After several months of introspection, the first emanation took place in 2017 through the title Usque Ad Sideras et Usque Ad Inferos, being a split CD with fellow Swiss hordes Nansis and Haruspex. Now, in 2019, a new offering emerges from the mist: Bright Euphoria.

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